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  • Fire Tube


    With over 2000 tubes now sold, I can confidently say if you don’t save on fire lighters or your can’t start a fire with the fire tube, I will give you your money back…guaranteed!

    ORDER ONLINE & we ship it out to you DOOR to DOOR in South Africa.

    This is my own invention after over 1000 braai’s completing braai365.

    You only need to light a small fire lighter and you let the air do the rest. After braais on almost every surface imaginable (and needing a braai to be painless), I realised the most important thing for any fire is oxygen, and that’s exactly what the fire tube allows to the heart of each fire you make (with minimal use of firelighters)

    Light – leave – braai….what more can you ask for! (well a lot….but this will do for now!)

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